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Online Blackjack Games At Australian Online Casinos

Online blackjack draws traffic for several reasons. Legends of blackjack players who attempted to bust American land casinos in the 1980s still abound and there is an innate desire to be a part of this history. Blackjack requires a higher level of skill than any other casino game and players who have mastered this are held in awe. Most online blackjack variants offer an average return of 99%, though this can be achieved through optimum play only. We will give the standard blackjack variants a skip and focus on what is unique in the blackjack section of our recommended software providers

Microgaming online Blackjack casino games

If blackjack is to be your staple fare then you should be playing at a Microgaming powered online casino. The reason for this is that Microgaming includes a strategy card with each of its blackjack games. This card tells you what is the best move in any given circumstance, so you cannot go wrong. Keep in mind that the strategy card cannot guarantee that you will win. It gives you the best chance of winning. Microgaming also allows you to put the blackjack games on auto play, automatically picking the correct move from the strategy card.

Microgaming also offers a number of innovative blackjack titles that raise the challenge. Blackjack Redeal allows you to turn the clock back. You can play the game again from different stages but have to pay a price. High Streak Blackjack offers multiplied payouts for successive wins. Spanish Blackjack is played with unique decks that have the tens removed from them. One of the drawbacks of blackjack is that wins pay only even money. This gets extended to 3 to 2 for a blackjack. In order to attract online casino players who like larger payouts Microgaming includes blackjack variants with side bets like Bonus Blackjack and Hi Lo 13.

Playtech online Blackjack casino games

Playtech has included the standard land casino blackjack variants in its portfolio. But there are two unique games that are exceptionally innovative and challenging and a must try for any expert blackjack player. They are being briefly described here.

21 Duel Blackjack has elements of poker. You are dealt one card face up and one card face down, the dealer is dealt two cards face down and two community cards are dealt face up. You can fold and lose your ante bet. Or you can raise and select one of the community cards. You can then stay with the two card hand or expose your other card to make a three card hand. The dealer’s hand is made according to the specified rules. The hands are valued as in normal blackjack and the winner determined.

In Blackjack Switch you play two hands against the dealer. The cards are dealt in the normal way. Before you make any of the regular blackjack moves you have the option of switching the second cards dealt to your hands. Simple and complex strategies have been formulated to determine when you should switch. The objective is to increase the winning potential of your hands. After the switch the blackjack game is played normally.

NetEnt online Blackjack casino games

The blackjack portfolio of NetEnt is not that varied. It includes two blackjack variants that are not unique to it but are nevertheless interesting enough to merit discussion. In normal blackjack games the dealer is dealt one card face up and the other card face down. These two variants provide a twist to this.

Double Exposure Blackjack deals both the dealer’s cards face up. So you have a much better idea of what you are up against. There is a price to be paid for this advantage. Blackjack wins pay only even money and tied hands, except for tied blackjack hands, are decided in favour of the dealer. Pontoon goes the other way and both the dealer’s cards are dealt face down. Because you are groping in the dark there are benefits available. Blackjack wins pay 2 to 1. Any five card hand that is not busted wins immediately like a dealt blackjack. Pontoon uses different terminology which also adds interest to the game.

A typical NetEnt online blackjack variant is Blackjack Professional Series. It features a 3D look with state of the art card animations. It offers a Double Jack side bet that is played on the first two cards and offers a maximum payout of 100 to 1.