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Online Baccarat Games At Australian Online Casinos

Chemin de Fer is historically the most acclaimed land casino baccarat variant. It is a high stakes nerve racking game in which players directly compete against each other with the casino taking a rake as in poker games. This is not possible in online casino gaming. So the online baccarat game is modelled on another land casino variant called Punto Banco. Online baccarat offers an average return of about 99% and has the simplest possible strategy. Yet is does not draw much traffic for two reasons. The payout ratio is very low and it offers marginally more excitement than tossing a coin and betting on the outcome.

Microgaming online baccarat casino games

There is only one way to make RNG simulated online baccarat interesting and that is to pack it with visual features that embellish the core gaming. Microgaming has done just that in Baccarat Gold. Some other side bets, in addition to the Tie bet, have been introduced but they offer low percent payouts and are to be avoided. In land casinos there are certain practices of handling the cards dealt in a ritualistic manner. These animations have been added in Microgaming Baccarat Gold. The hand that you have bet on is moved face down towards you. You can peek at the cards by lifting a corner using the cursor and can then turn it over. You can also rotate the cards before peeking at them. Microgaming Baccarat Gold features History and Roadmaps, which are actually displayed in Asian land casinos. The History feature displays the outcomes of the hands in sequence. A blue button with a P marks a Player win. A red button with a B marks a Banker win and a green button with a T marks a Tie. There are four different Roadmap charts named Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road. These portray the basic History information in complex formats to analyse emerging patters.

Playtech online baccarat casino games

Playing baccarat at live dealer casinos is much more interesting. Playtech offers some exciting titles of which In Running Baccarat is most popular at Australian online casinos. This live dealer baccarat variant is called In Running Baccarat because you can place bets at intermediate stages in the dealing process. If you are familiar with in-play sports betting, the process is similar. The In Running Baccarat live dealer game starts normally. You can bet on Banker hand, Player hand or Tie, or a combination of these. Then the live dealer deals the first card to the Player hand. Depending on the value of the card, the screen will display revised game odds and handicap values for both Player and Banker wins. You have the option of placing another bet at the new odds. Then the live dealer deals the first card to the Banker hand. The screen posts fresh game odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins. Again you have the option of betting at the new terms. This process continues card by card till the baccarat game is concluded in the normal manner and the winner is declared. Each bet placed by you will stand and will be settled at the terms then given.

NetEnt online baccarat casino games

NetEnt offers two baccarat variants at its RNG platform. Both games are essentially the same. One is called Baccarat Pro Series and the other one Punto Banco Pro Series after the land casino variant. Punto is Player and Banco is Banker.

The Pro Series table games of NetEnt display an elegant table setting. You have three betting areas for Tie, Banker and Player. The correct strategy is to keep betting on the Banker hand. The spanner icon allows you to adjust the settings. You can enable or disable the game sounds and the background music. There is a separate volume control. You can also show or hide the game history. There are nine game speeds to choose from. If you are only interested in the final outcome then go for 9. If you want to follow the intermediate hand values then choose the speed that works best for you. After placing the bet you start the dealing process. Once two cards are dealt to the Player and Banker hands, the current hand values will be displayed. If the rules of baccarat require, then a third card will be dealt. After this the winner is announced, bets are settled and the results marked in the history. You are now ready for the next deal.